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Phosphorus is the Enemy of Your Lake

It is not just in lawn fertilizer.  The number one pollutant of lakes is eroded soil carried in stormwater runoff from yards and roads.  Phosphorus attached to the soil particles feeds algae in lakes.  Algae blooms ruin the lake’s usefulness and lakeshore property values.

LakeSmart Helps You Identify Sources of Runoff from Your Property

Interested owners can request a free property evaluation from LakeSmart.  The evaluation report provides recommendations intended to make your property more lake-friendly by eliminating and preventing erosion or other pollution.  Common recommendations include:

  • Increase native plants on your property
  • Divert water off driveways to stabilize ditches or buffers
  • Use infiltration trenches at building driplines
  • Cover pathways with erosion control mulch
  • Limit lawns and openings in the buffer near the lake
  • Protect and/or create effective vegetated buffers at the lakeshore

LakeSmart recommendations allow interested owners to take effective action to protect their lake’s health.

LakeSmart Awards

If an evaluation shows your property to be particularly lake-friendly, LEA recognizes you with a LakeSmart Award.  Each award is accompanied by two distinctive signs intended for display at the shoreline and at the road.  These signs may encourage lake-friendly practices throughout your neighborhood.

For more information about LakeSmart or to sign up for a consultation call LEA at 207-647-8580 or email

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